We empower your customers to protect our planet.

birl (noun) : to spin or turn

We founded Birl to help make meaningful change that little bit easier.

A sense of continual movement, and returning to the starting point is the essence of our DNA. We exist to support brands connect to the circular economy, by helping them disrupt the “take-make-waste” model, keeping clothing and materials in use through recycling, repurposing and re-wearing.

Our team

Cam McGimpsey

Co-Founder & CEO

Cam's always had a love for travel and adventure having spent several years backpacking and volunteering throughout Asia, Africa and Central America.

His love for the outdoors eventually took him to Vancouver where he lived for 8 years, most weekends were spent hiking in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Returning to the UK in 2019, he likes to spend any free time with his young family in the UK’s stunning national parks and borrowing his in-laws campervan.

Professionally, he is an experienced Executive in VC backed businesses, most recently for a rapidly scaling global B2B SaaS business in the E-commerce logistics space. He also spent over a decade at Monitor Deloitte in their Strategy Consulting team (UK and North America).

Peter Lydon

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Peter's appetite to create a meaningful difference to our planet skyrocketed when watching how much happier his young children were when they were outside. Wanting to ensure that the world would still be in a good place for future generations, he started exploring how tech could make this a realistic possibility.

Always keen to understand the latest behavioural trends, he is fascinated by how meaningful change can be achieved by making small lifestyle changes.

His experience lies as a seasoned e-commerce founder and director, with experience in customer acquisition and journey refinement. He has also spent time providing subject matter expertise to a retail SaaS businesses on how to build successful products for the e-commerce sector.

How it started

Birl’s co-founders, Cam and Peter, spent years working in the retail tech space. They could see that the current pressures on brands and retailers as well as the environmental impact of the fashion industry was unsustainable, something had to change and quickly. Although most brands now have some form of environmental strategy in place there is still a scarcity of "easy to adopt" solutions to help connect brands to the circular economy.

The future we see

Birl was established to help brands overcome these challenges, with a focus on simplicity and speed. The re-commerce space is the fastest growing area of fashion and the opportunities for impactful change that help both brands and our planet are exponential, something Cam and Pete are both extremely passionate about. They both have two children under four and this is a huge driver for them to create a company that contributes positively to our planet and one that their family, friends and customers can all be proud of.

Our vision

Birl’s core value and north star – “Make Better Easier”, touches every aspect of our company. From our giving model to our company culture, we see our business as a vehicle to make a positive impact for our customers and the planet. We are a proud member of “1% for the planet”, contributing at least one percent of our annual revenue to causes that protect the environment. Birl is also on an accelerated path to be a certified B Corporation in early 2024 after achieving their Pending B Corp Status in August 2023.

Awards & Partners

1% For The Planet
1% for the planet logo
In April 2023, we joined “1% for the Planet”, fully aligned with our vision we are committed to donating a portion of our annual revenues to environmental protection.
Angel Investment
Angel investment
In March 2023, we welcomed Fiona Hudson Kelly an award-winning entrepreneur who has grown and exited multiple tech businesses as our primary Angel Investor.
Creative Catalyst
Innovate UK
In May 2023, we won Innovate UK’s prestigious “Creative Catalyst Competition” for disruptive tech, the award includes a £50k grant and access to a pool of talented advisers.
B Corporation
Certified B corp
In July 2023, we were awarded our “B Corp Pending” status, this is a big step in our commitment to use Birl as a force for good and we are now firmly on the path to becoming a fully Certified B Corp in 2024.
Angel Syndicate Investment
Angel investment
In August 2023, we received investment from a leading UK Angel Syndicate who shared our vision of “Making Better Easier”, they bring a wealth of experience in retail, tech and achieving scalable growth.
Tech Accelerator
Tech Accelerator
In September 2023, we joined the UK’s leading tech accelerator program, out of 250 applications from across Europe, 9 of the most innovative companies were selected for the 5-month program.

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