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Say goodbye to the complexity of running your own resale program by letting Birl handle the process from start to finish for you.

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Birl brings together Resale with your existing customer journey.

We have removed all barriers to ensure resale is as simple and rewarding as possible.

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67% of Millennial & Gen Z shoppers are now embracing second-hand fashion. Birl can help you benefit from this change in consumption, by using resale to drive additional revenue & loyalty.

Birl's product couldn't be easier to turn on, as we handle all of the tech, logistics and resale on your behalf.

Good for the planet. Good for your pocket.

Build a Better Brand

Increase Conversion Rate

Give your customers added incentive to shop direct by offering Birl's exclusive trade-in program. We only work with brands, so you always have that point of difference.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Customers shop where they get the most value. Keep them coming back with meaningful credits for exchanging their previous purchases, driving higher margin and average order value.

Reduce your Footprint

Birl gives back revenue generated from your trade-ins in the form of carbon minimisation. This is attributable to your brand and reduces your overall environmental impact.

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Drive Customer Conversions

Immediate Benefit

Birl empowers customers with a time efficient and guaranteed way of trading in old purchases. No more wasted time endlessly listing items that often never sell, and your customers can use their credit immediately.

Peace of Mind

Customers gain reassurance that their old purchases are being re-sold or recycled responsibly without any additional hassle or cost to themselves. They can even conveniently add in other items that they want to upcycle at the same time.

Meaningful Value

Give your customers' access to meaningful credit discounts from their favourite brand. We can also allow you to offer larger credits if your customer wants to commit to a higher spend.

Protect Our Planet

Give Fashion a Good Name

Birl empowers both brands and customers to adopt a simple solution to proactively minimise the fashion industry’s waste. It is time we all did that bit more to help where we can.

UK Verified Projects

Brands can move towards their sustainability goals by donating a portion of the revenue generated from traded-ins to carbon minimisation projects. For peace of mind, we only work with verified UK projects, that we have visited ourselves.

We Re-purpose Waste

Birl does whatever we can to re-purpose all trade-ins if they cannot be re-sold. Where possible clothing is re-purposed into new fibres and fabrics, and if this isn't possible then the materials will be re-purposed for other industries.

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Awards & Partners

1% For The Planet
1% for the planet logo
In April 2023, we joined “1% for the Planet”, fully aligned with our vision we are committed to donating a portion of our annual revenues to environmental protection.
Angel Investment
Angel investment
In March 2023, we welcomed Fiona Hudson Kelly an award-winning entrepreneur who has grown and exited multiple tech businesses as our primary Angel Investor.
Creative Catalyst
Innovate UK
In May 2023, we won Innovate UK’s prestigious “Creative Catalyst Competition” for disruptive tech, the award includes a £50k grant and access to a pool of talented advisers.
B Corporation
Certified B corp
In July 2023, we were awarded our “B Corp Pending” status, this is a big step in our commitment to use Birl as a force for good and we are now firmly on the path to becoming a fully Certified B Corp in 2024.
Angel Syndicate Investment
Angel investment
In August 2023, we received investment from a leading UK Angel Syndicate who shared our vision of “Making Better Easier”, they bring a wealth of experience in retail, tech and achieving scalable growth.
Tech Accelerator
Tech Accelerator
In September 2023, we joined the UK’s leading tech accelerator program, out of 250 applications from across Europe, 9 of the most innovative companies were selected for the 5-month program.