How Birl works

One of the largest challenges of the resale movement is unlocking the £2 trillion of idle branded items in customers’ wardrobes. Birl’s solution addresses this problem by making the “trade-in” and “re-selling” process easy and valuable for both brands and customers.

See how in 6 simple steps

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Your customer needs help to convert

They want to make a new purchase, but need an extra incentive to buy directly from your site.

A trade-in is just the ticket

Your customer discovers that they can trade in a previous purchase they no longer need. They decide to trade it back to the brand in exchange instant credit.

Immediate Credit = Instant Conversions

As your customer receives their credit immediately, they can convert instantly on a new purchase. They can even receive more credit if they commit to a higher spend.

Free & Easy Returns

Your customer chooses from a selection of free digital labels, packs up their item, and takes it down to the local drop off point. The process couldn't be easier.

Birl handles everything for you

Your customer's trade-in is then sent directly to a premium clothing reseller, who process and sell the item on your behalf. Birl then refunds a percentage of the gross sale back to you, offsetting the credit given.

Zero-to-landfill commitment

If your customer's item is unsuitable for resale, it is ethically recycled or upcycled by one of our approved partners. We are committed to a zero-to-landfill policy

Key benefits for brands

Incentivise customer to keep shopping direct

Increase your average order value & conversion rates

No additional operational or tech resources required

Quick & easy to install, with continued premium support

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