How Birl works

One of the largest challenges of the resale movement is unlocking the £2 trillion of idle branded items in customers’ wardrobes. Birl’s solution addresses this problem by making the “trade-in” and “re-selling” process easy and valuable for both brands and customers.

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Emily needs help to convert

Emily wants to purchase a new jacket, but feels guilt when purchasing new items and is also struggling to afford the jacket at RRP.

A trade-in is just the ticket

Emily sees that she can trade in a previous purchase that she no longer needs, and decides to trade it back to the brand for credit. She no longer feels guilty buying new and can now afford that jacket.

Putting that credit to good use

Emily receives her trade-in credit immediately, and puts it towards purchasing a new item. She can even receive more credit if she commits to a higher spend.

Trade-ins are zero hassle

Birl makes returning Emily's trade-in super easy, with a choice of free digital labels available from her email. All she needs to do is pack up her item, and take it down to the local drop off point. She can even save time by adding in other unused items rather than having to go to the charity shop.

Your item will be re-sold or recycled

Premium clothing resellers, such as, aim to monetise Emily's jacket. If her item is not suitable to be resold, then it is ethically recycled. Emily can rest assured that we have a zero-to-landfill guarantee.

Your trade-in helps move to zero

A portion of the value that is received from Emily's jacket is put towards projects that help move her favourite brand's carbon footprint to net zero.

Key benefits for brands

Increases DTC revenue & brand loyalty

Boosts average order value & conversion rates

Helps brands move to net zero

No additional tech costs (no-touch solution)

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